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Lake cleanups

How long does it take trash
to disappear from the lake?

Lake cleanups

Its very important to keep our trash and debris out of the lake. Do you know that it takes this long for the following to disappear from the lake?

2-4 weeksPaper Towels
6 weeksNewspaper
2 monthsCardboard Box
2 monthsApple Core
1-5 monthsCotton Glove
3-14 monthsCotton Rope
3 monthsWaxed Milk Carton
6 monthsPhoto-degradable Beverage Container
1-3 yearsPlywood
1 yearBiodegradable Diaper
1 yearWool Glove
13 yearsPainted Wood
50 yearsStyrofoam Cup
50 yearsTin Can
80 yearsStyrofoam Buoy
200 yearsAluminum Can
400 yearsPlastic Beverage Holder
450 yearsDisposable Diaper
450 yearsPlastic Milk Jug
450 yearsPlastic Drink Bottle
600 yearsFishing Line
UndeterminedGlass Bottles

Please help keep our lake clean! If you see something floating in the water, pick it up and put it in your boat. If you are tempted to throw trash away yourself, think about this: What are we leaving for our future generations?

Please help keep Our Lakes clean!

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