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Lake cleanups

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Lake cleanups

The Norris Lake Spring Clean Up Sponsored by the Adopt A Shore Program will be held May 16 2009 If you are unable to commit  to adopting a shoreline than please volunteer to assist in the cleanup .  After the cleanup there will be a cook out for those who have volunteered or adopted a shore.
 Campbell, Union, Anderson, Claiborne and Grainger Counties and other East Tennessee county residents have the opportunity to clean up the shores of Norris Lake and to be recognized for their efforts.
"Our lakes are really abused. The water quality and natural preservation is very important to our future generations, wild­life and overall well-being."
"We care about our lakes and are doing the Adopt A Shore program from the heart." Adopt A Shore hopes to recruit cleanup volunteers with an added incentive.
"On acceptance of a written agreement to adopt a shore­line, we will place a sign in the designated adopted area.
"The sign will contain two lines, containing your name, business, or association name
and your web address if applicable."
Lee and Denise Stevens owners of , are funding the program primarily from their own pocket. Any donations would be grateful, it would assist in sign purchases, sign posts, beverages, boat fuel, etc.
Participants can sign up for the program on the web site,, or call 931-879-9099.  Remember, you don't have to Adopt A Shore, you can just volunteer your time and have fun participating in a good thing.

Please help keep Our Lakes clean!

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